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[linux-help] Re: Linux programs wanted.

[linux-help] Re: Linux programs wanted.

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Re: Linux programs wanted.
From: Randy Reames <randy@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 Jan 2002 08:27:21 -0600
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On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 21:54, John Reinke wrote:
> >Another program I'm looking for is a good checkbook with the balancing
> >feature.
> Check out Kapital, from TheKompany ( I've not tried 
> it, but it is apparently a robust, commercial replacement for Quicken 
> on Linux. It is compatible with Quicken's file format, too.

Moneydance can use Quicken's format as well. It will run on almost any
platform. Plus you can see your worth in any
currency. Wow! I am worth about 3,310,176.09 ITL (Italy Lire)

Randy Reames     randy@xxxxxxxxxx   
Web Developer    Midwest Energy
"He is able who thinks he is able." - Buddha (c. - 483 BC)

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