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Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???

Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???

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To: hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???
From: GCOOKENG@xxxxxx
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 12:43:24 EDT

I have installed HPComm3.0r3 on my PC and all works very well. I would like 
to upgrade to HPComm 30r.4. I can find no instructions for installing 
3.0r4over a previous version, so I have the following questions:

1) Should I just install 3.0r4 without deleting or uninstalling 3.0r3?

2) I see no "uninstall" file in 3.0r3 nor is it listed in the "Add/Remove 
Programs" in the control panel. So if 3.0r3 must be uninstalled, how does one 
do it??

3) Should I merely erase the files in "C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard\PC 
Connectivity Kit" and then install 3.0r4??. If so, are there files in other 
directories that need to be removed??

I think that covers all the alternatives. Please let me know since I like the 
program and assume there will still be revisions in the future. Thank You 

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