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problem connecting 49g

problem connecting 49g

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To: "hpcomm" <hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: problem connecting 49g
From: "Frank Franco" <frankfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:51:24 -0400

Hi, i´m Frank Franco from Barquisimeto VENEZUELA, and i having problems connecting my 49g to the pc, i thought it could be the cable, bacause i built it by my self from a web page called, but then i rad an e-mail sent by Thomas Heubach, telling you the same thing i´m about to tell, exactly the same, and i don´t think this is a casuality. Can you tell me what is wrong?, ok, i´m gonna tell you what´s going on in case you erased that e-mail.
I have windows 98, pentium II 350 and 64 Mrams PC, i´ve tried your version of hpcomm software, but when it star to run, (i already checked the 49g was in server mode), the calculator displays "processing commad", the communication arrow start to blink and everything looks fine, but then appears a message asking me to check if the calculator is in server mode, a clicked accept and then every thing runs fine but "connecting with calculator", the program runs crrectly but i can´t see what is in my 49g. Meanwhile the calc displays "trying 1..." untill the time runs out and the communication failed.
I would be gratefull if you help me. Bye and greetings from VENEZUELA

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