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RE: Problem connecting to 49G

RE: Problem connecting to 49G

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To: "'Thomas Heubach'" <phlyn@xxxxxxxx>, <hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Problem connecting to 49G
From: "Markus Covic" <markus_covic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 11:22:28 +0100

Dear All,

I had the same problems, but I was using the COM port with a different
Software (Digital Camera). So I checked the System settings and cleared the
COM port. After clearing the and reinstallation of the PC Connectivity Kit
it works fine.

Thomas try Start/Settings/ControlPanel/System/DeviceManager and check witch
Software is using also COM Communication on your PC.

Good luck,

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Subject: Problem connecting to 49G

I am having problems connecting to my 49G.  I have Windows 98 and I have
tried the CD ROM version and the beta version of the HPComm software.  I
have verified the Com port number and that the checksum and baud rate
are set correctly on both the calculator and the PC.  There is some type
of communication going on.  When I set the 49G to server mode it
responds by displaying "Awaiting Server CMD" then when I start the HP
Comm program the calculator displays " processing command".  But then
the connection fails and a dialog box is displayed telling me to make
sure that the calculator is in server mode.  On the connection window
with the dog the "Trying to open COM 1" is green and "connecting to the
calculator" is yellow, all others are grayed out.  I have tried to use
different baud rates (9600 and 1200) on both the calculator and the PC,
but I got the same results.  In the communication settings I am not able
to select HP 49.  Is this normal?

Thank you for your help,

Thomas Phlyn Heubach

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