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[gopher] Re: gopher and IPv6

[gopher] Re: gopher and IPv6

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Subject: [gopher] Re: gopher and IPv6
From: usenet@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 16:55:52 +0100
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Am Samstag 17 Januar 2009 23:34:38 schrieb Cameron Kaiser:
> > > > after some tries to enable public access to my home gopher reliably
> > > > (read: without NAT and other evil stuff), i'd like to set up an IPv6
> > > > gopher. But: i haven't yet managed to have any gopher daemon bind to
> > > > an IPv6 port yet. What i tried so far is: GoFish and pygopherd.
> > > > Anyone did this before? Or is there a gopher server that runs from
> > > > xinetd? Have until now only tried standalone servers (the two named
> > > > above).
> > >
> > > bucktooth will happily run in either environment. I haven't really
> > > tested it in IPv6 however (grumbles at upstream).
> >
> > Well, as far as i can tell right now, bucktooth happily serves gopher
> > over IPv6 both on IPv6-only machines as well as on dual-stack boxes.
> > Configuration of xinetd is a tad, umm, unintuitive as i had to find out.
> Does it properly report source addresses in the log file? I am encouraged
> to hear that it operates, however.
> Once my ISP offers me IPv6, I intend to do more testing with it.
Even though most ISP don't offer IPv6 yet, it's actually quite easy to get 
IPv6 access by means of tunneling. The folks at are quite cool at 
that too. It's really simple, even i managed it ;-) After signup (don't 
worry, the service is completely free of charge) you'll get a tunnel, and 
after one or twoo weeks uptime of that tunnel you can successfully get your 
own /48 subnet routed over that tunnel
> > > I was pretty sure there was a local veronica around, but I don't know
> > > where it went. I could have sworn had it, but Veronica-2
> > > doesn't have it and checking myself didn't come up with it.
> >
> > Umm, to be honest i didn't think of a local one...
> > Was rather thinking along the lines of another public veronica indexing
> > the whole gopherspace like the one at floodgap.
> I think the local veronica *can* be configured for wider use. I have not
> released my source for Veronica-2 mostly because it's still in flux; I'm
> still working on parallel crawling (fun with database locks YAY!) and the
> code is not, shall we say, a paragon of organization. I've been promising
> to release it for years and I will, but when I'm satisfied with it :)
Now just think of parallel crawling with crawlers being located at different 
places all over the earth ;-) Now, this would be a tough one with regard to 

> However, I seem to remember Chris saying that local-veronica could be made
> to crawl other sites than its home one.

Ah, okay, will have a look then. 


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