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[Freeciv] Technology is so complex !

[Freeciv] Technology is so complex !

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] Technology is so complex !
From: "Vibhu Rishi" <vibhu.rishi@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 Jul 2002 10:51:46 +0530


I have made a tech tree with the civ2 rulset ... and am attaching the
same in dia. Hope this can be used by other people..

Some of the lines I have drawn are blue dotted... which indicates some
requirements which are actually not required.

For Example, Robotics requires Mobile Warfare and Combined Arms. But
since Combined Arms cannot be got until you have Mobile Warfare, the
requirement of Mobile Warfare for Robotics is redundant.

My first go at something with Dia... spent the whole day with it. :-).
If you know someway to improve on this diagram ( looks too complex with
the arrows all over the place), do let me know.


-- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Ecartis --
-- Type: application/x-dia-diagram
-- File: freeciv-tech-tree.dia

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