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[Freeciv] ok I'll try it

[Freeciv] ok I'll try it

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To: "freeciv" <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv] ok I'll try it
From: "Brandon Van Every" <vanevery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 16:31:29 -0700

> > Sheesh, I bought Civ II: TOT for $20 at full retail!
> You don't expect me to play that game, do you?

All I expect is that you make your own game, not steal someone else's

> It doesn't even run on the computers I have available.

And as a software developer, I expect you to stop thinking that the
world owes you cross-platform compatibility.  It's not a justification
for theft.  It *is* a motivation for buying from a competitor or doing
your own project.  For instance: why didn't you just throw all your
energy into XConq once upon a time?  It's been around quite awhile, I
think I first played it in 1993.

> Please try Freeciv before you judge.

Ok, having made this much fuss on your mailing list about all of it, I
will.  Previously, I was put off by the graphics - not that they are
horrid, actually I like the unit art better than Civ II Gold, but I've
refused to play my friend's copy of Civ II Gold because Civ II TOT is so
much sexier.  And as this argument developed, I have been put off to
contributing in any way, shape, or form, by opinion / suggestion /
playtesting of any sort, to the efforts of people who cheat game
developers out of their paychecks.  But since you claim "No! No! That's
not what we're about, even though we've completely ripped off Civ II's
rules," I will test your claim.

Cheers,             Infernal Troublemaker                    Troll
Mallor              "By simple mistake, mortals themselves amuse."

> --
> Reinier Post

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