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RE: [Freeciv] Call to Power for Linux

RE: [Freeciv] Call to Power for Linux

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Subject: RE: [Freeciv] Call to Power for Linux
From: Stig Haugdahl <stig.haugdahl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 Jan 1999 12:38:57 +0100

> Call To Power is written by Activision. There will be another 
> Civilization
> release from Microprose soon called "Civilization 
> Multiplayer" (I am not
> sure if this is the release title or just a working title). 

Multiplayer Civ2 has already arrived in the americas as
Civ2 Multiplayer Gold Edition, in britain under a somewhat
other name (Ultimate Civ2 Collection).
Not sure what names it goes under elsewhere 
(haven't seen it in the stores around here).

Microprose is also planning yet another Civ-game called
Civ2 - Test of Time, release date unknown.

> There is also
> the civalike Alpha Centauri by the Grand Master himself, Sid Meier.

Except the game design and coding is by Brian Reynolds, the man behind
the "real" Civilization 2 (and other games). Sid Meier is more of a 
brand name than a hacker these days.


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