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Re: [Freeciv] space race

Re: [Freeciv] space race

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To: Freeciv List <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Freeciv] space race
From: Falk Hueffner <falk.hueffner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 26 Jan 1999 14:21:46 +0100

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew E Schulman <andrex@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Andrew> I'm trying out the space race in CVS 1/21.  Although I've
    Andrew> built some components, structurals, and modules, and have
    Andrew> looked at some pictures of blobs coming together, I still
    Andrew> have no idea what any of these things do, which ones to
    Andrew> build first or how many, or how to launch a ship.  There's
    Andrew> no documentation in the help text or anywhere else that I
    Andrew> can find.  Could someone illuminate this?

Sorry, but the spacerace is implemented only partially and has no
documentation yet. People who know Civilization have an advantage here 
:) I intended to work on it a bit and make it really usable.

For this, I wonder how I should implement the different types of
modules etc. In CivI, you got a pop-up when one was finished and you
could select one. In FreeCiv, this would require a  round-trip package 
and there are some problems if e. g. the turn is ended while the box
is still opened. So I thought I might just add all 6 types as normal
improvements, and allow to switch between them without loss. What do
you think?


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