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Re: [Freeciv] Just to start the game : happy end !!!

Re: [Freeciv] Just to start the game : happy end !!!

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To: Lalo Martins <lalo@xxxxxxxxxx>, freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Freeciv] Just to start the game : happy end !!!
From: Nicolas FRANCOIS <nicofran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 22:08:28 +0100

At 02:32 30/12/98 -0200, Lalo Martins wrote:
>My fault, I must have been half asleep or my keyboard didn't
>cooperate :-) it was "/sbin/ifconfig; host localhost" (two
>commands) but the ";" somehow didn't go trough.
>However, an empty ifconfig already answers us. The "host" was to
>check dns _if_ ifconfig returned something. But:

Now it is fixed : I reinstalled my distribution and asked for basic network
support and some stuff loaded at boot time.
>> I think you're right when you say that my kernel isn't correctly
>> configured. I compiled a new one, with minimal network support (just
>> network and IP support). Now one thing I am sure is that I don't know what
>> to do to configure the  "dummy net interface". You'll have to be patient
>> with me on that.
>In the "network devices" section of kernel configuration. You
>have to enable dummy and PPP if you plan to connect using

Well, I'll try next time I create a new kernel. For the moment, this one
allows me to play freeciv.

First impressions : not very nice, but quite complete. May I ask some 'old'
users their feelings after hours of game ?

Can I start a game and then switch back to AI ? Will I see the AI actions ?

Apart the homepage, where can I find informations about this great idea ?
Maybe some developpement stuff ?

Thanks for the precious help, for Freeciv AND Linux.


Nicolas FRANCOIS (nicofran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Venez faire un p'tit bizou a ma fille :

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