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[FreeCiv-Java] Development status

[FreeCiv-Java] Development status

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To: freeciv-java@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Development status
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 17:48:55 -0600

Esben et al,

I've been trying to merge in some experimental code I got, but it's not
working so well.  (This is understandable, since that code was never
intended to be merged in the first place.)  I'm going back to the 0.004
version here (the latest one up at and will start
working on adding more packet types.

I know that one person is reading this that has some experience with Java
GUIs (feel free to "come out of the woodwork" if you'd like, hint hint <g>)
of the type that we will need here, particularly the wraparound map.  I
would be very pleased if you could lend a hand with this part of
development, since it is the area in which I have the least experience.

I would like to go to Esben's design ideas yet (which are archived here). 
Esben, if you could just send me a diff against 0.004 (or the latest version
when you get back), I'd be happy to apply it.

Regarding CVS, it is a valid point that while the project is small, CVS
could be usable, but once it gets larger as I hope it will, I still maintain
that it will not be.  Therefore I am currently torn about whether or not to
implement something like this which will perhaps become obsolete later.

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