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[Freeciv-Dev] A patch for 4 new nations

[Freeciv-Dev] A patch for 4 new nations

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To: freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] A patch for 4 new nations
From: Jan Heidefuss <jan_heidefuss@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 13:24:58 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Freeciv-Developers,

I created a patch which introduces 4 new nations to
the game: The Austrians, the Indonesians, the Swiss
and the Taiwanese.

I would like it to be included.

I created the patch against
freeciv-cvs-Apr-17.tar.bz2. Being in the freeciv main
directory, I created it with "diff -r -u data datamod
> my_patch"

Thank you for your attention,

Best wishes,

Jan Heidefuss

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