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[freeciv-data] Periods of Civilization

[freeciv-data] Periods of Civilization

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Subject: [freeciv-data] Periods of Civilization
From: "Wong TM (Huang Deming)" <lookmeow@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 07:37:17 +0800
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        I currently interested in the Periods of Civilization. Could someone
help me complete the chart? Add some missing period like golden age and
stone, tool and iron age. Or add some technologies or wonders.

Note:- where a date is only approximate, it is preceded by the
abbreviation "c". This stand for circa, the Latin for "about".
        BC - "Before Christ"
        AD - "Anno Domini", meaning "Year of our Lord".

        NEOLITHIC_AGE   c.6500-2900BC

c.6500BC-3000BC Pottery is made in greece and Crete.
c.5000BC-4000BC Farming spreads through Europe
c.3500BC                The wheel is invented in Sumer in the Middle East.
c.3100BC                Cities develop in Sumer. Writing develops in Sumer and 

        BRONZE_AGE              c.2900-1000BC

c.2900BC                Metal is now in widespread use.
c.2590BC                The largest of the pyramids, that of Khufu (Cheops), was
built in the Fourth Dynasty in Giza, a necropolis for ancient Memphis.
c.2000BC                Building of Stonehenge begins in Britain.
c.1000BC                Apollo killed Python and installed his own oracles.

        DARK_AGE                c.1100-800BC

        ARCHARIC_AGE    c.800-500BC

776BC                   First Olympic Games held.
c.510BC         Monarchy in ROme is replaced by a republic.
c.500BC         Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, wrotea  collection of essays
entitled "The Art of War" constitutes the first known treatise on the

        CLASSICAL_AGE   c.500-336BC

c.520BC         Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 B.C.)
is credited with building them.
479BC                   Death of the Chinese religious teacher Confucius.
403BC                   Democracy is reinstated in Athens.
399BC                   Socrates is condemmed to death.
c.367BC         Founded by Ptolemy I Soter (367?-283 B.C.), the Great Library
of Alexandria was greatly embellished and enhanced by Ptolemy II
Philadelphius, who endowed it with the ambitious mission of procuring a
copy of every existing book.

        HELLENISTIC_AGE c.323-30BC

c.290BC         The Lighthouse of Alexandria was conceived by Ptolemy I Soter,
but was completed in the reign of his son Ptolemy II Philadelphus.
c.282BC         The construction of the Colossus, dedicated to Helios, the sun
god, took 12 years.
c.214BC         The Great Wall of China was built by Qin Shi Huangdi, Qin
Dynasty (221-206 B.C.).

        THE_MIDDLE_AGE  c.0-1100AD

1095AD          The First Crusade was called by Pope Urban II in 1095 in a
field in Clermont Ferrand. Richard the Lion Heart (1157-1199) learned
of the loss of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1183 and soon took up the cross
of the crusades.

        MEDIEVAL_AGE    1100-1500AD

c.1270AD                Marco Polo (1254-1324) In 1271, his family brought him 
to the
court of Kublai Khan in China, when he was only 17.
c.1500AD                Nicholaus Copernicus (1473-1543), a Polish 
became famous for his book "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium"

        RENAISSANCE_AGE 1400-1750AD

c.1470AD                Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) was a true Rennaisance 
c.1510AD                Michaelangelo Buonarroti (1495-1564) well-known for his
painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
1522AD          Ferdinand Magellan (1480?-1521) discovered that the Atlantic
and Pacific Oceans meet, and plotted a course to take a voyage around
the world.  He died. Juan Sebastián del Cano took the ship's trip
around the world slightly more than three years, arriving in Seville on
September 9, 1522.
1599AD          William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is the greatest English
playwright. One of the proprietors of the Globe Theater in London.
c.1670AD                Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) is one of the greatest
physicists of all time.
c.1710AD                Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was one of the 
composers of all time.

        INDUSTRIAL_AGE  1750-1900AD

c.1740AD                Adam Smith (1723-1790) wrote "On the Causes of the 
Wealth of
1859AD          Charles Darwin (1809-1882) published his most famous book, "On
the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection".
1886AD          The Statue of Liberty was completed in 1886.

        MODERN_AGE              >1900AD

1919AD          Congress approved the right to vote for women.
1929AD          As President, Herbert Hoover took an active part in settling
the engineering problems and location of the dam in Black Canyon.
Proclaimed the Boulder Canyon Project Act to be in effect on June 25,
1942AD          In June, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers took over the project
of development of an atomic bomb, code-naming it the "Manhattan
Engineer District" or Manhattan Project.
1946AD          United Nations first General Assembly was held.
1969AD          The first manned mission to the moon set down on July 20, 1969.
Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first steps by humans on
another planetary body.

Credit go to sededgu3@xxxxxxxxxxxx ZENIT News Agency [mark@xxxxxxxxx]
for some of the info.

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