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[freeciv-ai] game #2 report

[freeciv-ai] game #2 report

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Subject: [freeciv-ai] game #2 report
From: Lo'oris <lo_oris@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 03:20:45 +0100

another game, another report on AI (experimental level) activity. using beta8. If you want some savegames, feel free to ask.

i made this try with non-standard settings, the most relevant:
world type=isometric donut, non-separate poles
start units=ccxxddww


a) obviously there was a lot of wars, and this is normal, since there was too few land for everybody

::bad things::

1) it's a pity AI is smallpoxer, it's very sad to conquer cities that have almost no improvements at all

2) i declared war to an enemy, and suddenly found myself at war against half of the AIs. I really think the alliance system should be changhed.

3) there were lots of suicidal AI behaviours, such as "i keep on attacking and attacking no matter what (and loose)", and worst "i am sooo inferior to you but i declare war anyway, even if i have no reason (i.e. allies) to do that"

4) it really is too easy and quick to break treaties (both alliance and peace), AIs knows that and behaves accoirdingly. They are almost useless.

5) again, i was far too much technologically superior to everybody else. More than that, i was the 1st in every demographics field. I suspect that AI is still not proposing any science exchange to other AIs. And never proposes exchanges to players.

6) the RIP players mess up the diplomatic windows: i don't care if somebody was allied with a dead player. It should be removed. Could also be removed entirely from the players list, with a checkbox (i.e. "show dead players")

::good things::

b) i was about to attack a city, using lots of units. There was only one unit inside (i didn't know that). And it attacked me before i could do anything - it lost and i easily conquered the empty city. In this case, i feel that this behaviour was *correct*, since if he just sat down and waited, i would have crushed him anyway. Instead, at least he tried a desperate attack.

c) the problem "i give science, you give me everything" is solved: now it does not do stupid exchanges

ps: i had to manually set the "special" number, and obviously i put a wrong value (too small, too few special resources). An option to automatically fill this and other values like that (huts) based on map size, would be very good

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