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[freeciv-ai] ai client side

[freeciv-ai] ai client side

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To: freeciv-ai@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-ai] ai client side
From: "Guillermo Lopez Alejos" <100030179@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 23:49:46 +0100 (CET)


Some time ago (around the second quarter last year) I posted a few
messages to this list. I was trying to collaborate on the development of
a client side interface for ai players.

I have studied the code of the FreeCiv project and I want to develop the
ai client side as my final career project. Additionally, if I got enough
time (all must be finished on next June), I'll try to build an ai player.

To start with, I'd like to write some documentation to make the
implementation of the project easier. In order to do that I'll need to
have some questions answered. I wonder if this is the correct list to
talk about the ai client side.

As result of my previous study on FreeCiv, I have written documentation
that could help new developers to understand the code. If this is of
anyone's interest, where can I send it?.


Guillermo López Alejos - N.I.A. 100030179
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Ingeniería Técnica en Informática de Gestión

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