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[aclug-L] Things needed & for sale

[aclug-L] Things needed & for sale

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Things needed & for sale
From: Jonathan Hall <jonhall@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 22:50:20 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

I am still in need of a 2-6gb IDE hard drive.

I also have the following items for sale/trade (prices negotiable).  All
items are tested and working unless otherwise noted.

Please e-mail me if you're interested in anything, and we can make
appropriate arrangements.  I will offer discounts for large purchases.

Anything I don't sell soon will be put on eBay.

STORAGE (Hard drives, CD-ROM drives, SCSI controllers, etc)
$50/ea  (3) 4.35gb Seagate UltraWide SCSI hard drives
$3/ea   (250) 200mb IBM (a few Conner) 200mb SCSI hard drives
$2/ea   (20) 150mb WD, IBM, etc SCSI hard drives
$5/ea   (15) 170mb IDE hard drives (various brands)
$10/ea  (3) 2x SCSI CD-ROM drives
$15     (1) External SCSI CD-ROM case.
$5/ea   (40) 3.5" 1.44mb floppy disk drives
$30     (1) 6-bay external SCSI case.  This thing looks UGLY, but has 68-pin
            SCSI connectors, so could be very useful for housing some SCSI
            drives in an external case (Anyone want to RAID some 200mb SCSI
            drives? :-)
$5/ea   (2) Unknown size/condition/brand full-height SCSI hard drives (came
            in the case mentioned above)
$20     (1) 1gb SCSI hard drive.
$10     (1) ISA PE Logic SCSI card.  Includes manual and installation floppy
            disk.  It's installed in NT as an Adaptec card, so I assume it
            would work in Linux as well, although I really haven't tried it.
$5/ea   (2) External SCSI cases w/ 50-pin connector.  These actually came
            from old Mac Plus and Mac Classic computers, but work fine with
            newer computers, too :-)

NETWORKING (NICs, hubs, etc)
$5/ea   (10) ISA Intel EtherExpress network cards (and a few other brands)
$2/ea   (25) ISA TokenRing network cards (I'd take $30 for the whole lot)
$10/ea  (8) X Terminals.  Unknown condition.  I don't even know what
            software these use.
Free    (??) Coaxial cable for a 10base2 network.  Includes many T's,
             terminators, etc.
$450    (1) MicroAnnex XL.  This is a 16-port terminal server.  I have
            successfully booted it from a TFTP server running on my Linux
            box, and it tests fine.
$5/ea   (4) ISA ethernet/sound card combos.  Ethernet uses SMC Ultra chipset
            (Linux compatible).  I don't recognize the sound chipset.
$5/ea   (5) Ethernet hubs (?) for coax (10base2) networks.  Each has 8 Coax
$20     (1) PCI DEC Tulip 10/100mbit ethernet card

$20/ea  (4) 33.6k external modems.  Racal brand (whatever that is!). 
            Includes power supply.
$30     (1) 33.6k external MultiTech modem.
$10     (1) 14.4k external Zoom modem.
$25     (2) Internal ISA USR Sportster modems (Presumed to be 33.6, I still
            need to test these)
$5      (??) Take my entire lot of unknown, untested, dead, flaky, and
             I-don't-have-time-to-mess-with-them modems.  Most are 28.8k or
             faster.  I have at least 5 of these right now.  Two of which,
             at last report, were working at least some of the time or when
             calling certian phone numbers :-)

SOUND & VIDEO (sound cards, monitors, video cards, etc)
$5/ea   (??) Monochrome monitors
$20/ea  (3) 14" SVGA monitors.  All work, however when changing between
            resolutions, the monitor must be manually adjusted to center the
            image (it's just annoying!)
$15     (1) 4mb Cirrus Logic AGP video card.
$55     (1) USB Creative Labs Webcam III.  Works in Linux (with Kernel 2.3.x
            or newer, or with kernel 2.2.x with beta USB drivers installed). 
            Brand new, in box.
$5/ea   (3) 8-bit SoundBlaster sound cards.  (One SB Pro w/ CD controller,
            other two are bare sound)
$5/ea   (??) ISA SVGA video card
$5/ea   (??) VLB SVGA video card

COMPONENTS (CPU, Motherboard, Case, RAM, etc)
$50     (1) Asus dual Pentium motherboard.  Supports up to 233Mhz MMX CPUs. 
            Has ISA, EISA, PCI, and MediaBus (??) ports.  Only problem is
            that the removable L2 cache chip is bad.  Board works fine with
            L2 cache disabled (but is obviously slower than with an L2
$20     (1) Mini-tower ATX case w/ power supply.  Brand new (used for 30
$.50    (??) 1mb 30-pin SIMMs
$8      (8) 4mb 30-pin SIMMs
$10     (1) Cyrix 486DX2/80 CPU & Motherboard.  Takes 8 30-pin SIMMs
$8      (5) Intel 486DX2/66 CPU
$3      (3) Intel 486DX/33 CPU
$5/ea   (??) I/O cards including: VLB & ISA IDE/Floppy/serial/parallel,
             8-bit ISA SCSI, etc.  *Ask for details*

SYSTEMS (Complete or partial systems, etc)
$100    (1) SPARCclassic computer.  Includes computer, 19" color monitor,
            keyboard, optical mouse, 48mb RAM (this true parity RAM is
            probably worth at least $50 alone :-), 540mb SCSI hard drive
            (Put one of the 4.35gb drives above in it, and have a nifty
            computer! :-) Has a 33Mhz CPU.  Benchmarks faster than an 80Mhz
            486 for some things (and slower for others).  Currently has
            Debian S/Linux installed on it (you could put nearly any other
            Linux distribution, or Solaris on it).  Has built in serial,
            parallel, SCSI, sound, and 3 ethernet ports.
$50/ea  (2) Barebones Compaq Proliant 800 servers.  Includes tower case,
            motherboard w/ onboard ethernet, SCSI, IDE, serial, parallel,
            four EDO DIMM sockets, two CPU sockets (socket 8, aka PPro) etc,
            one Pentium Pro 180Mhz CPU (2nd CPU socket is empty).  No hard
            drives, floppy drive, or RAM.  Condition is unknown, sold AS-IS.
$80     (1) Bare-bones K6-2/450 system.  Includes mid-tower case, K6-2/450
            CPU, motherboard.  No RAM, hard drive, or floppy drive.  (This
            one works!)
$45     (1) Bare-bones Pentium 120 system.  Includes desktop case, Intel
            Pentium 120Mhz CPU, motherboard.  No RAM, hard drive or CPU.
$5/ea   (?) Complete/near-complete 286 systems.
$10     (1) 486SX/20 barebones system.  Includes CPU and motherboard in a
            slimline case.  Onboard serial, parallel, video, IDE, FDD, etc. 
            No HD or RAM included.

$35     (1) Windows 95 license, manual, CD.  OEM.
$10     (1) SuSE Linux (6.1?) CDs & manual.
$10     (1) Delta Force (for Windows 9x)
$10     (1) Command & Conquer Red Alert (for Windows 9x or has a DOS
            version, too)
$100    (1) QuickBooks '99
$30     (1) Falcon IV.  Brand new, never opened.
$5      (1) Red Hat 4.2 (I think I still have this somewhere).  Includes
            CD and manual.
$5      (1) Red Hat 5.2 (CD only).

Useless fact #3: There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.
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