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[aclug-L] Linux - a CNET Topic Center

[aclug-L] Linux - a CNET Topic Center

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Subject: [aclug-L] Linux - a CNET Topic Center
From: Michael Holmes <maholmes@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 10:03:31 -0600
Reply-to: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Killer link!!
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Linux: a CNET Topic Center
Linux downloads
» Download the Linux OS now
» Download Linux Internet, business, and multimedia software now
» Download Linux games and utilities now
Hint for downloaders:
If you can't find Linux versions of your favorite apps, look for freeware or shareware apps that do the same thing. For instance, Photoshop 5 doesn't run on Linux, but the free graphics editor GIMP does.
Download GIMP now
Buy Linux
Compare the latest prices for Red Hat Linux at CNET
» Red Hat Linux
Quick tip

Get help

If you run Linux, at some point you'll have to use Unix commands, such as ls and grep. Confused? Don't worry, Unix's help system, a.k.a. the man pages, is just a step away. Simply type man at the command line, followed by the term you're curious about (for example, man ls) and up pops an explanation. And, by the way, man stands for manual. For more details, try typing man man.
Check back next week for a different tip!

System requirements
Red Hat says you need:
386 or better processor
120MB disk space (for minimal custom install)
500MB disk space (for typical install)

CNET recommends you have:
486DX/100 or better processor
1GB disk space

Linux is (fiscally) fun
Linus Torvalds, Linux's creator and namesake, told programmers at UC Berkeley last Friday that their quest for entertainment and good times, not money, led to Linux's success. "If you're not interested in doing something, you probably won't do it. You'll take a job that doesn't pay as well because it's more interesting," he said. Ironically, folks at venture capital powerhouse Kleiner Perkins seem to think Linux has quite a lot to do with money and have taken a stake in Linuxcare, a company that provides training and technical support for Linux. Find out more in CNET News.
CNET's top Linux stories

10 questions about Linux
From how to install this renegade operating system to how to make it look more like Windows, CNET answers your most pressing questions.

Linux: upstart OS gets some respect!
Linux is big news now, but do you know about its humble beginnings, and can you guess what its future looks like? Find out why Linux is free and how that's been the OS's greatest advantage.

CNET reviews 5 alternative operating systems
You don't have to run Windows on your trusty PC. There are lots of other operating systems out there (such as Linux) to choose from. We compare the five best alternatives to Windows, so you can find the one that's right for you!

Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 vs. Red Hat Linux 5.1
CNET's former technical editor Rex Baldazo pits Windows NT against Red Hat Linux and chooses a winner. Which OS makes the best Web server? Read on to find out!

CNET says
Formerly a favorite of geeks and hackers, the upstart OS has won hearts and minds in the mainstream computing world, too. Linux versions of Oracle, Informix, and Sun apps have put the OS on the corporate map, and a free Linux version of Corel WordPerfect 8 has kept Linux alive on the desktop. Plus, the slick and speedy Red Hat Linux 5.2 makes the installation process easier than ever before. Even Microsoft is wishing Linux success: if Linux is a true competitor to Windows NT, that'll prove that Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly on the OS market, and could help the company's case against the Department of Justice.
More Linux info from around the Web
Linux resources
Snap Computing & Internet: Linux
Linux Online
Linux Journal
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Standard Base
Linux International
Linux Applications
Linux news
Linux Today
Linux Weekly News
Company-sponsored sites
Red Hat Software
Caldera Systems
Oracle's Linux site
Informix's Linux site
Linux discussions
CNET's Linux Message Board

  What do you think of our Linux Topic Center? Right on, or way off? Let us know.

Linux in the news
Merced gets its own venture fund
Be plans set-top push
Former Netscape exec joins Red Hat board
Kleiner backing, new CEO boost Linuxcare
Kleiner Perkins invests in Linuxcare
> From CNET
 Linux help
Learn how to use Linux with the resources in our Linux Help Center.
>> Linux Help Center
Linux defined
Linux is a Unix-like operating system that's renowned for its speed and reliability as both a Web server and a workstation. Linux runs on many different kinds of hardware, including the Alpha, Amiga, Atari, IBM, Intel, PowerPC/Macintosh, SGI, and Sun Sparc platforms. Even better, Linux is free to download (see our download box to the left).
Workin' with Windows
Running Linux doesn't mean you have to say good-bye to Windows. Linux can read Windows FAT-formatted disks, so the OS can coexist and share information with any Windows installation.
Linux hardware
Want your next computer to come with Linux preinstalled? No problem. We've got the latest reviews and prices on Linux machines from CNET
» Linux systems
Where to shopAdvertiser links
Pick up a copy of "Linux Unleashed"
Operating systems and other software start at $1
Get Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux - Personal Edition
Find your favorite software titles for less

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