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To: aclug-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ACLUG News
From: John Goerzen ACLUG <aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 15 May 1998 11:23:57 -0500
Reply-to: aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello everyone,

A few quick tidbits of news:

   First, a reminder: ACLUG will be having a meeting on Thursday,
   May 21 at 7:30 PM at Jabara Hall on the main (East) campus
   of Wichita State University.  Details are at:  Planned events
   include Linux showcase, Linux kernel compilation, and
   of course, informal Q&A and chatting with other Linux fans in the

There is a Linux Expo coming up May 28-30 at Duke University in
Durham, North Carolina.  Details are at  The 
cost for all three days is $199 or $99 for students, with the cost for 
just 1 or 2 days being lower.  They have both a technical track and a
business track, as well as numerous exhibits.  See the webpage for
details.  If people from the area are interested in driving (it's
about a 20-hr road trip), you might want to write to
aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx and ask if anybody else may be interested in
carpooling.  One could also fly; however, it looks like plane tickets
out of ICT are about $800 but from KC it's about $250 when I checked

John Goerzen

John Goerzen        Linux, Unix programming           jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx |
Developer, Debian GNU/Linux (Free powerful OS upgrade) |
``You'll notice that this scanner, Bill [Gates]...''  <Blue Screen of Death>
``Whoa!''  <Applause>   ``Moving right along....''  -- Microsoft (Comdex
      video at:

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