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Meeting notes: May 21

Meeting notes: May 21

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Subject: Meeting notes: May 21
From: John Goerzen ACLUG <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08 May 1998 09:17:06 -0500
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I unfortunately forgot to include the time of our May 21 meeting on
the last announcement I sent out.  We will be meeting on Thursday, May 
21 at 7:30 PM in Jabara Hall (room 205) at Wichita State.

I have updated the webpage for this event
( to include
the time information as well.  The announcement now reads:

   Air Capitol Linux Users Group: [1]Events: Linux Showcase & Compilation
        Linux Showcase & Compilation -- Thursday, May 21, 1998 7:30 PM
   Many of you got Linux installed at one of our Free Linux Installation
   events. There are also a lot of people out there that have Linux
   installed already but want to be able to take better advantage of
   their system. For those of you that do not yet use Linux but have hear
   a lot about Linux in the [3]press, this is a great opportunity for you
   to see what Linux is all about.
                              The Linux Showcase
   I will be providing some computers with Linux on them to demonstrate
   what Linux can do. Installed on them will be fully-working versions of
   all the latest Linux apps -- the StarOffice office suite, the GIMP
   graphics editor that rivals PhotoShop, XEmacs and GCC for programming,
   the latest Linux games, the current development snapshot of Mozilla 5,
   the KDE interface that had Internet integration before Microsoft did,
   etc. You name it -- it will be there. This will be a great opportunity
   to find out about Linux hands-on. Not only that, but ACLUG has a
   number of experienced Linux users to show you where all the goodies
   For those of you not yet using Linux, it is a valuable opportunity to
   see why so many people are so enthusiastic about it. For those of you
   running Linux already, you'll probably find out some capabilities of
   the system that you didn't know existed!
                           Linux kernel compilation
   This is geared mainly for people that are already running Linux,
   although it could be interesting to others as well. Kernel compilation
   is not required to install Linux, but by compiling your own kernel,
   you can tweak it and optimize it to squeeze all the juice out of your
   hardware. You can also add in extra features that are not included in
   the default kernel, such as sound support, etc. Fortunately, kernel
   compilation is not difficult, but it helps to see it in progress.
   We'll have a presentation on compiling your own kernel, and will
   compile one right during the meeting so you can see exactly how it
   works. Plus, there will be screnshots and instructions on the ACLUG
   website after the event so you don't have to take notes. Can't beat
   that! <grin>
                                     Q & A
   For those of you that haven't attended one of our ACLUG events before,
   you should know that there is always ample opportunity to pick the
   brains of the local Linux experts and exchange tips with other Linux
   users. It is a great opportunity to meet other Linux enthusiasts in
   the Wichita area.
   We will have the Free Linux Installation event in Jabara Hall on the
   main east campus of Wichita State University. ACLUG has assembled some
   [4]driving instructions for your convenience. We will be on the second
   floor of Jabara Hall and plan to be in room 205. This room is a
   classroom in the Computer Science Department at Wichita State.
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   neither John Goerzen nor anyone associated with ACLUG takes any legal
   responsibility whatsoever for the content and accuracy of the data
   contained herein. Please [6]notify the author if any error is found.


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