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[webdev] postnuke contents

[webdev] postnuke contents

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To: webdev@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [webdev] postnuke contents
From: Tom Hull <thull2@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2002 23:52:32 -0500
Reply-to: webdev@xxxxxxxxx

I got some questions/comments on adding contents to the postnuke site:

There seem to be two general mechanisms for adding contents (as well
as a number of specialized ones):

   1) Topic/story, a two-level hierarchy. Stories can be read through
      News (if so directed), and allow comments (if so directed). We
      can facilitate this by coming up with a list of Topics. Each
      topic can have an icon. (I suggest that we at least standardize
      the icon size, and the smaller the better.)

   2) Sections/articles, another two-level hierarchy, presumably for
      more permanent additions (no News notice), but also no support
      for comments.

I'd prefer to use Sections/Articles for long-term content, and use
Topic/Story for transient notices, but I think it's critical that
people be able to add comments to articles. However, given the lack
of comment support for articles, maybe we should initially just use
the topic/story mechanism?

There's also something called Reviews, which is a one-level anti-
hierarchy, basically a note with some info fields (Product, URL) and
a 1-5 star rating. I don't think there's anyway of consolidating
reviews/ratings. It's hard to tell for sure, since the software
doesn't let Admin actually post a review (although you can Preview
one, like, forever). Looks pretty crummy.

FAQ and Web Links are more specialized. FAQ files questions under
a two-level hierarchy, which isn't bad. Web Links looks like N-level,
but is flattened out. These both have some value, but it looks like
it's going to be hard to get them organized nicely (especially FAQ,
which is tough to do under the best of circumstances).

  *  Tom Hull * thull2 at *

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