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[presentations] Re: August Meeting?

[presentations] Re: August Meeting?

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To: presentations@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [presentations] Re: August Meeting?
From: Tom Hull <thull2@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 12:38:56 -0500
Reply-to: presentations@xxxxxxxxx

One fallback might be to do a panel on MySQL -- I can't do a
presentation myself, but I could sit on a panel of 3-5 people
and try to answer questions. What would make this work would
be to try to gather the questions ahead of time: solicit some
questions on the discussion list, which would also give the
panel members a chance to prepare a bit. Also solicit panel
members -- maybe you'll find a non-regular who actually knows
something and will step up.

Two more advantages to a Q&A:

  1) It's too big a topic to do a ground-up beginners tutorial,
     and if you tried you'd wind up boring everyone who already
     knows the simple stuff. Q&A would give you something for

  2) Q&A focuses better on what people actually want to know
     (or at least think they want to know).

Dale W Hodge wrote:
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>>To: John Alexander; presentations@xxxxxxxxx
>>Subject: [presentations] August Meeting?
>>The August meeting is next week, so I need confirmation that
>>someone will be
>>presenting something. That means you, JA.  Can you confirm that
>>you'll be giving
>>the talk and give me an overview of what you are going to cover?
>>It would be
>>nice to send out an announcement a bit earlier this time. :-)
> I've still not heard anything from John Alexander.  Do we have a backup plan
> in case he doesn't show?  Do we know that the rooms are available?  I need
> to send out an announcement ASAP.
> --dwh

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