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[presentations] Re: August Meeting?

[presentations] Re: August Meeting?

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To: <presentations@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [presentations] Re: August Meeting?
From: "Dale W Hodge" <dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 09:32:07 -0500
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> Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 9:02 AM
> To: John Alexander; presentations@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [presentations] August Meeting?
> The August meeting is next week, so I need confirmation that
> someone will be
> presenting something. That means you, JA.  Can you confirm that
> you'll be giving
> the talk and give me an overview of what you are going to cover?
> It would be
> nice to send out an announcement a bit earlier this time. :-)

I've still not heard anything from John Alexander.  Do we have a backup plan
in case he doesn't show?  Do we know that the rooms are available?  I need
to send out an announcement ASAP.


Dale W Hodge - dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vice Chairman & Secretary - info@xxxxxxxxx
Air Capital Linux User's Group  (ACLUG)

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