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[presentations] Re: Presentation

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To: presentations@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [presentations] Re: Presentation
From: Tom Hull <thull@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 14:13:52 -0600
Reply-to: presentations@xxxxxxxxx

I just signed up to lurk -- I'm up to my ears (possibly in over my
head) on website matters -- but I'll offer a couple of comments

james l wrote:
> Does anyone have the list of who was willing to present things?

I think the list was just things that people wanted to hear presentations
on. I don't have that list, but IIRC a first order approximation was

> I think we need to send out an announcement to the local list, and ask the
> people who would be willing to volunteer to send what they are willing to do
> to this list. Unless anyone has any problems with this?

I think you _should_ periodically troll for suggestions and volunteers.
Maybe we can do something on website eventually to poll for topics, but
don't expect that soon.

> As of right now, I think Anne was willing to present some things, and I don't
> recall much of anything about the list of that, and I didn't seem to write it
> down. Hopefully someone was a bit smarter and remembered to do that.

You need to ask her (AFAIK, she's not on this list). If you get jammed
without a topic a week or so before the meeting, consider organizing a
panel. Maybe "sysadmin/Linux at work" -- see if you can get Carl Cravens
to show up, Ryan Hunt, Tom Wallis, etc.

Another cheap presentation idea would be to get folks to write down 2-5
questions each, then round up the usual panel of experts and spend 5-10
minutes each on 10-15 selected questions.

I'll miss the April meeting (out of town); maybe we can do something on
the new aclug website for May or June.

> James L

 *  Tom Hull * thull at *

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