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Re: OfflineIMAP bootstrapping question.

Re: OfflineIMAP bootstrapping question.

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To: offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: OfflineIMAP bootstrapping question.
From: "Hugh T. Ranalli" <hugh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 10:39:20 -0400

This has worked for me. I use KMail with a local IMAP server on my laptop, and 
have several times rebuilt the local store from the remote one. In my config, 
local points to the server, and remote points to the laptop. Of course, I 
always back up my server mail directory, just in case.

My one quibble is that this doesn't work with Gmail, as you can't use Gmail as 
the "local" server. I keep meaning to see how hard this would be to change, 
but haven't had the time.


On Thursday 02 July 2009 22:26:15 Daniel Pittman wrote:
> G'day.
> I would very much like to use OfflineIMAP to sync IMAP to IMAP[1] so that my
> laptop and server accounts stay in sync.
> The one limitation that had concerned me was that folder creation was only a
> one way sync process =E2=80=94 until it occurred to me that I really only r=
> ead mail on
> the laptop; reading on the server is rare, and I can live without being able
> to create folders there.
> So, if I set up OfflineIMAP with the remote server being the laptop and the
> local server being the remote machine, this should do what I want: I can
> manage folders on the laptop, happily, and the server will be made to refle=
> ct
> that.
> My one concern is bootstrapping this: I would be starting with the "remote"
> server empty, but the "local" server full of email.
> I /think/ that OfflineIMAP will make them both identical the first time I r=
> un
> it, but I am not absolutely certain ... and "think" isn't a work I like to
> associate with the risk of mail loss. :)
> So, am I safe running things this way, and will it do more or less what
> I want?
> Regards,
>         Daniel
> Sorry to ask what seems like it should be a FAQ, but neither the manual or =
> the
> FAQ on the website gave me sufficient answer for me to risk my email on it.=
>  :(
> Footnotes:=20
> [1]  My client doesn't like Maildir.

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