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[linux-help] Re: Mail won't go.

[linux-help] Re: Mail won't go.

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Re: Mail won't go.
From: "Ryan Hunt" <ryan@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:04:30 -0600 (CST)
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At first this would look like a problem with your ISP's mail server, but If 
hotmail is having 
the same problem you might try a diffrent browser.. I believe you can migrate 
your email 
over to mozilla if you want to give that a try.. Check your email settings and 
make shure your 
client isint trying to break the 1 file into multiple smaller files...

Try copy and 
pasting the contents of XF86config into an email and see if its just having 
problems with 
attachments... If all else fails you can try out fetchmail and a console mail 
client like 

It may be a much simpler problem like not enough free space in /tmp or 
wherever it cache's the message before sending.. 

If this gets you no-where, maby someone 
else listning has an idea.. (I dont use netscape)


> I am having trouble with 
Netscape mail not send if the message is very
> long. This also seems to happen in K-mail. A 
short message will send
> just fine. 
> If I attach a file such as XF86Config it won't 
send. It will say "mail
> sent waiting for a reply." It shows maybe 45% sent then just 
> there. Same goes if I copy and paste the file contents into the email.
> If I go to and try to send the same message it does the
> same thing. I upgraded to 
Netscape 4.79 and it still does it. I have
> Netscape 4.79 on my Windows system and I do not 
have this problem. Any
> mail I want to send that won't send in Linux I copy and send it in
Windows. This is a pain.
> Anyone got an idea what the problem is. I have Road Runner 
> Thanks.
> Jim Vetor
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