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Re: Question Regarding (RE: Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???)

Re: Question Regarding (RE: Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???)

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To: William Barry <WBarry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "'Mitch Davis'" <mjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Question Regarding (RE: Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???)
From: Irl_W_Smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 15:07:43 -0400

Comment about the translation:
As far as I know, the translation occurs (at least for the 48!) inside the
calculator, not in the PC.
  (Wistful sigh: Mac software for data transfer came with a nice font that would
take the extended (i.e., 8-bit) ASCII from the calculator and display it
properly on the screen. Since the Mac also is happy with (almost) anything in a
file name, the transfer almost always worked with no translation.)
  For the PC, especially because of its lame file naming, the best solution
seems to be to use vanilla file names on the calculator (i.e., if necessary put
a renamed copy in a temp directory and transfer that one) and use translation
mode 2. The file contents will go back and forth OK, if uglified on the PC, and
you avoid the name problem.
  Of course (I have no 49), if the 49 doesn't support the translation, then
forget it.

William Barry <WBarry@xxxxxxxxxx> on 09/07/2000 14:49:47

To:   "'Mitch Davis'" <mjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
cc:   hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx (bcc: Irl W Smith/RES/Raytheon/US)
Subject:  Question Regarding (RE: Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???)

I noticed the comments on the end of your prior posting and I am concerned
because the ASCII character conversions for the HP49G to PC do not work yet:
Note: On the HP 49G, character translation operates from the PC to the
calculator only. When you transfer programs from a HP 49G to a PC,
calculator programming characters are not translated to their backslash
equivalents. This will be fixed in later releases of the HP 49G software.
The above appears in your help screen "About Translation Types" This is not
fixed in v3.0r4.  I would like to be able to transfer files back and forth
from PC to HP49G and HP49G to PC with the translation occurring.  I don't
quite understand why character translation is not the same for the HP48 and
HP49.  Can you please enable this for the HP49G and release a revised

Thank you,
William H. Barry, P.E.
Project Engineer
David M. Berg Associates, Inc.

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From: Mitch Davis [mailto:mjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: Install v3.0r4 over 3.0r3???

Portion of Text referenced above:

Future revisions are rather unlikely, as both authors (myself and James)
now working on other things.  If you can program, you are welcome to
help us.


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