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Re: HP49G / PC COM Ports (Not Available)

Re: HP49G / PC COM Ports (Not Available)

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To: "Gary Ash" <gash@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: HP49G / PC COM Ports (Not Available)
From: Irl_W_Smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 15:08:47 -0400

Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. Make sure you post to the list, not just to Mitch--he is no longer at HP.
2. Since getting PC's to recognize different hardware is highly non-trivial
(i.e., I haven't a clue how to do it...spoiled by being a Mac user for so many
years, I guess), maybe what you ought to try is to work around the problem by
moving your mouse to a different COM port. I have no idea what algorithm HPComm
uses to decide which COM ports are available, but if the very first one is free
then perhaps it will happily use it.
--Irl Smith

"Gary Ash" <gash@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>Hi Mitch
>I have installed PC Connectivity v.3.0r4 on my PC. I purchased the
>original version and upgraded to v.3.0r4 from the web
>site.   This software automatically selects Port COM (2) for
>connectivity to the new HP49G Calculator I recently purchased.  All
>other ports are grayed out and not available i.e., COM (1), (3) and
>Since my PC uses COM (2) for the internal modem, I do not have the
>option to use COM (2) for the HP49G Calculator. The mouse is
>connected to one serial port and uses COM (1). Since there are two
>(9-pin) serial ports (hardware) on my computer,   I have connected
>the the serial mouse to one port and the HP49G to the other serial
>port via the official connectivity kit I purchased (i.e., approriate
>cable, and software).
>In the 95 Windows Device Manager, COM (1) and COM (3) are recognized
>with no conflicts (no yellow !).  COM(1) is associated with the
>serial mouse and COM(3) is associated with "No Device."  COM (2) is
>recognized as the modem port. Currently my modem is not connected to
>a telephone line. I have read your FAQ section but was unable to use
>that information since my Com (3) port shows no device and no
>I have uninstalled and reinstalled PC Connectivity software 3 times.
>Each time only
>COM (2) is available through the software.  How can I get this
>resolved? I would appreciate a response as soon as possible since I
>think there are bugs in my HP49G and I would like to upgrade the ROM
>via the internet or from an appropriate source ?
>I originally sent this message to mjd@xxxxxxxxxx and received no
>Thank you!    Gary

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