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HP49G / PC COM Ports (Not Available)

HP49G / PC COM Ports (Not Available)

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To: <hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: HP49G / PC COM Ports (Not Available)
From: "Gary Ash" <gash@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 19:39:55 -0700

Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2000 2:02 PM
Subject: HP49G/PC COM (2) and COM (3)

Hi Mitch
I have installed PC Connectivity v.3.0r4 on my PC. I purchased the original version and upgraded to v.3.0r4 from the web site.   This software automatically selects Port COM (2) for connectivity to the new HP49G Calculator I recently purchased.  All other ports are grayed out and not available i.e., COM (1), (3) and (4). 
Since my PC uses COM (2) for the internal modem, I do not have the option to use COM (2) for the HP49G Calculator. The mouse is connected to one serial port and uses COM (1). Since there are two (9-pin) serial ports (hardware) on my computer,   I have connected the the serial mouse to one port and the HP49G to the other serial port via the official connectivity kit I purchased (i.e., approriate cable, and software). 
In the 95 Windows Device Manager, COM (1) and COM (3) are recognized with no conflicts (no yellow !).  COM(1) is associated with the serial mouse and COM(3) is associated with "No Device."  COM (2) is recognized as the modem port. Currently my modem is not connected to a telephone line. I have read your FAQ section but was unable to use that information since my Com (3) port shows no device and no conflict.    
I have uninstalled and reinstalled PC Connectivity software 3 times.  Each time only
COM (2) is available through the software.  How can I get this resolved? I would appreciate a response as soon as possible since I think there are bugs in my HP49G and I would like to upgrade the ROM via the internet or from an appropriate source ? 
I originally sent this message to mjd@xxxxxxxxxx and received no answer. 
Thank you!    Gary

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