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newbie seeking advice

newbie seeking advice

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To: hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: newbie seeking advice
From: Dan Gutchess <gutchess@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 14:45:56 -0500

I am trying to use HPComm 3.0r2 to transfer files to my HP 49G. I bought
the PC Connectivity kit from HP (F1897). I just can't get the connection to
work. I'm running windows NT 4.0.

The settings I'm using are below; I've tried several different
combinations. The calculator starts out with "Awaiting Server Cmd". Then,
when I start HPComm, the calc. says "Processing command". Then I get an
HPComm error windw, saying that the connection failed.

One question I have is, how do you set the baud rate on the 49G? I'm trying
to use the "Transfer" form, but each time I set it, it reverts to 9600.
Sorry to send such a long message. Thanks for your time.


Calc settings: 
Xlat: Newl 
Chk: 3 (3 digit CRC) 
Port: Wire 
Type: Kermit 
Fmt: ASC 
Baud: 9600 
Parity: None

HPComm port settings: 
COM 1 
Translation: Mode 1 
Checksum: Type 3 

NT Port settings for Com 1: 
8 data bits 
parity: none 
stop bits: 1 
flow control: none

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