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[gopher] Re: test

[gopher] Re: test

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: test
From: Chris <chris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:16:58 -0500
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ok well seems it fell into a crack along the way to the list (curious).
Here is what I had sent before.

I find this thread very interesting, the possibilities are many and the tas=
k surely isnt easy. I'll ask here for my archive to be on multiple cd's and=
 yes BitTorrent is also a good idea.
As for location of the archive online, in the past we tossed around
ideas as to where it could be located and how to index and or search it.
One idea was to host the whole archive at one location using a tweaked vers=
ion of pygopherd so that it was more google-able and in that way it also wo=
uld serve same pages in wml and gopher, in this manner that location could =
be googled directly, and Cameron could have V2 search it as well as other v=
eronicas and jugheads (such as mine) etc, also Benn could write frontends/m=
oles for any or all of the tools being pointed at or seeing the archive acr=
oss protocols and back to gopher...
many possibilities.
I currently dont have 40G available but if there is interest and we feel
we have at least a few people who plan on working on a "system", something =
that perhaps could be a model for future use and even an improved version o=
f the current gopher search applications, I would be willing to set up a de=
dicated box with an 80G hd on my lan. Speed may be an issue I am not positi=
ve what the download speeds from me are here but I believe it to be ~30KB/s=
,(check gopher:// if that is considered to be too slow I would c=
onsider sending $ for a box to be co-located on someone elses trunk.
Making it a "project" as it where might be a good idea to keep direction an=
d organizational stability.
Just adding my thoughts and offering what I can.
Chris (gopher, http and wap)

Happy Gophering

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 15:03:46 -0700 (PDT)
JumpJet Mailbox <jumpjetinfo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> No, I didn't see that post.
>   =20
>   I have been in touch with John Goerzen, and just like Cameron Kaiser an=
d his FloodGap, I am not sure that hosting the archive would be a good thin=
g for JumpJet. =20
>   =20
>   Like I suggested to Mr. Goerzen, I think the ideal solution would be to=
 set up a dedicated Gopher Server just for, and ONLY for, this static archi=
ve.  Due to the fact that this archive is really just the equivalent of a "=
backup tape", the requirements for a Server would be minimal (persons would=
 not access this archive very often because the original source Servers wou=
ld always be more up to date, and probably on a faster internet connections=
 as well). =20
>   =20
>   I could easily see using an obsolete PC with a 60-80 Gb hard drive (an =
old Pentium 3 should be quite sufficient), on an inexpensive (i.e. slow) In=
ternet connection.  I would also recommend that the Veronica-2 index on Flo=
odGap NOT index this server, as persons should always be going to the origi=
nal source Servers first (this server should appear in the FloodGap "all th=
e worlds Gopher holes" list though). =20
>  =20
> JumpJet
>  =20
> Chris <chris@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   Ok thats better :) Did anyone see my last post about possibilities of s=
etting up a dedicated server for the gopher archives etc?
> Chris
> gopher://
> On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:45:45 -0500
> Chris wrote:
> >=20
> > just checking , didnt see my last post
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