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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: (no subject)
From: chris <chris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 16:37:40 -0600
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all,
Happy Holidays!
I have added a MUD the link is at /Links/Telnet on the hal3000 gopher
Or you can just telnet 4000
Like the talker if there is interest I will work on it more, for now
it is pretty small but not so small that one couldnt level up a bit and
have a useable character to play further. It is the SMAUG code base and
one I was quite fond of long ago :) Anyone wishing to play there feel free!
Or if anyone has interest in building maps, mobs, new classes, races or 
email me off list and we could use this mud as a practice live MUD for your
Happy Gophering!
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