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[gopher] Re: Gnopher, Themes

[gopher] Re: Gnopher, Themes

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: Gnopher, Themes
From: StefanRieken@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 14:48:13 GMT
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ralph Furmaniak writes:

> After installing 52 rpms, Gnopher is working for me and is just groovy.  Most
> other people will not need to install so many things, but
> 1) I am using RedHat not Debian (sigh)

If I made any Debian assumptions in Gnopher, please tell me. (But I guess
you are referring to the lack of apt-get and the like?) Anyway, I'm
impressed that you're willing to go through so much pain to install my li'l
hack! `:-]

> Gnopher's going great, and I was even able to put together a theme for it.  

I'm glad to hear (from you, but also from other sources) that installation
eventually worked out and that it's running, and all (whoa, do I sound like
a professional or what? :-)

> You can download it or see a screenshot at my gopher which is at
> (available both through http:// and through gopher://).

Currently not available through both, at least for me (connection refused).
Which kindly reminds me that Gnopher currently doesn't handle unavailable
severs correctly %)

Acnyway, I'd love to see your stuff so I'd appreciate it if you could
resolve this problem. BTW, be sure to make a statement on a) licencing in
general and b) if this theme may be part of the Gnopher distro and web
site. It's not like I hire lawyers or so, it's just that I don't ever want
to do that in the first place :-)

> I might as well also say that bucktooth can handle URLs, as was proposed by 
> John Goerzen.

I don't completely follow the idea, and I didn't follow the discussion
either, sorry. Is this documented? And is it useful considering the fact
that other servers don't (have to) do it as well? No need to re-start the
whole thread, just give me the conclusions :-)



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