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[gopher] Status?

[gopher] Status?

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Status?
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 11 Feb 2001 21:54:52 -0500
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Well, thanks to aaronl for asking about our world domination plans :-)

Ive been really presssed for time lately, so I haven't done as much as
I would have liked to.  What I have mostly done is converted the PDFs
on the Supreme Court site to txt files for posting on  Not a
lot of stuff hacking-wise :-(

What is the status of all the other projects going on right now?
Anything anyone can do to help?

-- John

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>             
Sr. Software Developer, Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
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