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[Freeciv] pubserver again...

[Freeciv] pubserver again...

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Subject: [Freeciv] pubserver again...
From: Horn Gábor <Horn.Gabor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 01:41:22 -0800


I played a game, it was #264395. At  the end 1 human player remained,
and 1 who was ai-ed all the time. I asked for endy as it was decided.
The human player agreed. The one who was ai-ed "because i plan an attack
againts english and it's too early and my lag doesn't allow me to be not
ai" he said rejected it(!). And he started to cut me infinitelly and
crushed the game completely with the endless cutting. I really would
like to see something againts this behaviour :( Anyway his IP was and he used playername Diablo, and seems he's a newbie
(~5800th in ranking).

Any chance to solve these things? Auth, ban, controllevel, anything?
This is really annoying end a game like this after 2.5 hours of

bye, hirisov

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