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[Freeciv] Trying to run Civworld

[Freeciv] Trying to run Civworld

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] Trying to run Civworld
From: Peter Celella <pcelella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 22 Jun 2003 08:42:05 -0400

I keep trying to run civworld to edit some maps, but I'm having very
little luck.

I can get the patch to run on the source files, and it appears to
compile successfully when I type './ && make', but when I try
to run civworld by typing ./map in the source directory, I get the
following error:

./map: line 27: /home/peter/src/freeciv-1.14.0/civworld: is a directory
./map: line 27: exec: /home/peter/src/freeciv-1.14.0/civworld: cannot
execute: Success

and then the program terminates.

The patch seems to run fine, but after compiling and making, then I get
the error when I try to run ./map. When I checked the map file, it calls
for civworld in the civworld directory. The make process did create a
civworld directory, but there's no copy of civworld in that directory.
Could this have something to do with dependencies? If so, that seems
weird since freeciv without the patch compiles and runs fine. I'm using
LinuxRedhat 9 - is there some way to check if I have everything
installed I need - just in case that is the problem.

Or any other tips or suggestions for getting civworld to run would be

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