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[Freeciv] New stable version 1.13.0 released

[Freeciv] New stable version 1.13.0 released

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Subject: [Freeciv] New stable version 1.13.0 released
From: Raimar Falke <rf13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 22:44:42 +0200

Hello Freecivers.

Version 1.13.0 is done!  It is available at:

Thanks again to our developers, and everyone in the Freeciv community,
for making our favorite game such a success.

Welcome to Freeciv 1.13

This is release 1.13.0.

Thanks again to all our developers, who continue to work so hard.

This release includes lots of changes, outlined below.  Those who
are interested in seeing the detailed changes should check the
ChangeLog file.


 - Citizen Management Agent (CMA) allows you to automate workers
   and specialists in cities.
 - Sound support has been added.
 - The new "isotrident" tileset has been made the default. The
   "hires" and "engels" tilesets have been taken out of the
   distribution but can be downloaded from the web page.
 - New city dialog in the gtk client.
 - Windows version of the client. It has improved connection
   dialog and supports loading and saving from the client.
 - GTK 2.0 version of the client.
 - The client will try to suggest names for your cities that 
   correspond with what they mean.
 - Improved players dialog shows sortable and colored information,
   including the players' flags.
 - Server no longer takes the --server command line option,
   instead you can use the --info option to set the metaserver
   announcement text to whatever you like. The -a option when given
   to the client skips the connection dialog entirely.
 - A "wall" server command added which gives message to all players.
 - A new flexible timeout set through "timeoutinc" server option.
 - Leftover research bulbs will carry over to next advance.
 - Trade routes are more effective.
 - Units attacking ships in cities double their firepower, while 
   defenders get only 1 firepower.
 - Helicopters defending against air units get 50% penalty, and
   have their firepower reduced to 1 against fighter units.
 - You can build city walls even though you have Great Wall wonder.
 - The Communism government's food cost in default ruleset has
   been changed to 1, while it has been changed to 2 for the Civ2
 - Stealth fighter and bomber now really are stealthy, and are
   partially invisible just like subs. Also, stealth bombers have
   increased their attack strength from 14 to 18.
 - Civ2 ruleset now has Fundamentalism.
 - Improved modpack abilities: The caravan ability has been split.
   New ways to calculate technology costs. Better documentation.
   Rulesets can specify starting techs. You can have more than one
   bonus tech. Split settler abilities. Buildings ruleset syntax
   has been significantly extended, but effects do not work yet.
 - Server option "tinyisles" allow 1x1 size islands and 
   "separatepoles" allow continents connected to the poles
 - "citymindist" specify minimum distance between cities, while 
   "notradesize" and "fulltradesize" regulate the trade generated 
   by smaller cities.
 - You can turn on angry citizens with "angrycitizens" option.
 - Fortresses may give you extended vision. See watchtower options.
 - If you lose your palace, you get a new one for free in a 
   randomly chosen city. This behaviour can be turned off with the
   server option "savepalace".
 - Rulesets are now loaded from inside the server through the
   "rulesetdir" command.
 - The limit on the number of nations that can be included with 
   Freeciv has been removed.
 - The format of the isometric tileset spec-files has changed.
 - The map and ai code has been cleaned up significantly.
 - Translations improved. Added better support for plural forms.
 - Several bugs squished and a lot of work done under the hood.
 - For an overview of the remaining bugs please visit doc/BUGS.

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