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[Freeciv] Re: isometric view

[Freeciv] Re: isometric view

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] Re: isometric view
From: "Andreas D. Landmark" <andreas.landmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 20:45:15 +0100

At 28.04.2001 20:43, you wrote:
On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 05:22:59PM +0000, Gianmario Scotti wrote:
> Hello!
> I have downloaded the newest CVS snapshot of freeciv, and
> after compiling and running, I notice that now the view is
> isometric. For some strange reason, I can't stand the
> isometric view, and it's actually the strongest reason why I
> liked freeciv. Is there any way to turn off isometric view?

AFAIK: civclient -t trident


should be correct (or substitute any other tileset for trident which is
non-isometric and it should go back to the good old view)

Andreas D. Landmark - andreas.landmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"New friends", he said, as if it were an important point, "can often have a better time together than old friends".
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald "Tender is the night"

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