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[Freeciv] 2 questions

[Freeciv] 2 questions

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] 2 questions
From: Sergey Pflyuk <spflyuk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 19:07:49 -0400

I can't stop customizing freeciv lately (spent more time then actually
playing :)). But eventually I've got stuck with some problems.

1) While I have no problems with using gimp to change sizes of some
xpms, it seems like I can't resize NeoTrident_30x30_256-1.11.4-1.0's
After I increase tileset to 150% of its original size and save it, I
can't open the picture neither with gimp, nor with xv or any other
program. It converts fine with xv, but its "smoothing" function destroys
tiles on the edges. I think I read somewhere about changing by hand
first color or something ...?

2) I also tried to use gorgeous city images from hires isometric modpack
with trident tileset. Seems like I have to provide for the whole style 1
image of a city wall to be used for all sizes within that style (city_1,
city_5, ..., city_wall, city_unrest). While hires provides extra image
for every size and style with and without wall (city_1, city_5 ... and
in another section  city_1_wall, city_5_wall, ...). I believe it is
related to the value of is_isometric (I like non-isometric view -> 0)
variable, but I could not figure out much myself.

Thanks in advance for any tips with these issues,
Sincerely Sergius

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