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[Freeciv] Linux C Programming Mailing Lists (Announce)

[Freeciv] Linux C Programming Mailing Lists (Announce)

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] Linux C Programming Mailing Lists (Announce)
From: David Lloyd <lloy0076@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 18:01:54 +0930

Please forgive the following announcement. Discard it if you it
disinterests you.


The Linux C Programming Lists now officially exist. They will be
archived on-line and also via majordomo. The Linux C Programming Lists
aim to help people programming linux with C. Hopefully no question will
be too simple nor too difficult for someone on the list to answer. For
anyone learning how to program linux with C these lists will be a
valuable resource to help you in your learning.

The two existing lists now resend all mail to each other. This means
that members of one list will not miss out from the input or output of
the members from the other list. Whilst I acknowledge that this could
cause a little confusion, you need only join one list. You now should
not need to join both to get an appropriate answer to your query.

David Lloyd has agreed to host a common home page for the linux c
programming lists. It is at

The easiest way to become a member of the (dual) lists is to email like this:

The URL of the online archives is:

In two days since our first tentative announcements, David Lloyd
estimates there are approximately 40 people who are members one (or
both) of the lists. 


-- (personal home page)
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