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Re: [Freeciv] Segfault

Re: [Freeciv] Segfault

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Freeciv] Segfault
From: Lalo Martins <lalo@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 10:55:16 -0200

On Jan 10, Tim Coninx decided to present us with:
> Hi,
> I also had this problem.
> When you install the debs, you may notice there are a few programs added
> in /usr/games/ .
> With me, it helped when I ran 'civclient' instead of 'civ' to get the
> client running.

If you use the Debian menu it will work (as the menu calls

> I think it's a wrong change in the debian package.

No, it's a bug :-)

"civ" is not a script anymore. Now it is an "alternative" - a
symlink managed by the system. So now when you type "civ" it
will launch your preferred version of the client (athena, xaw3d
or gtk when these are packaged).

However, I forgot to interface the "civ" alternative with the
xaw-wrappers system - so if you type "civ" while it's linked to
civclient (which is the athena version) you will not be
protected by xaw-wrappers and will get the segfault. Gonna fix
it, but only for potato (debian 2.2 "unstable") because the bug
doesn't affect ordinary users, only those that've been playing
FreeCiv for quite a time and got used to just typing "civ" at
the prompt. Ordinary users run it from the menu.

If you follow "experimental", you will soon see freeciv-xaw3d
uploaded there. freeciv-gtk is already somewhere in the web, but
I think it's not compatible with my alternatives system (haven't
tested). "Official" package freeciv-gtk will happen as soon as
(a) it's incorporated in upstream CVS and (b) I have a machine
to compile it (don't trust to distribute stuff compiled in my

Also, the next "real" (non-experimental) .deb package of FreeCiv
(probably 1.7.2-4 if all goes well) will have freeciv-xaw3d too.
And will fix the "civ" bug.

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