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[Freeciv] diplomacy and other negative stuff (?)

[Freeciv] diplomacy and other negative stuff (?)

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Subject: [Freeciv] diplomacy and other negative stuff (?)
From: Mirar <mirar@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08 Nov 1998 14:12:57 +0100

I and a couple of friends played freeciv yesterday, and the game sure
has improved since i tried it the last time (last winter).

But, we've ran into some strange things:

o When changing science to develop ("tech"?),
  no penalty was given. For two of four players.
  The other two always had a penalty. We've discussed 
  this post-game, so we couldn't try and test anything 
o When transferring science during diplomacy, a _lot_
  of penalty was given (resulting in things like
  -1060/840 and like that).
I've traced this to these lines in the source:

---------- server/plrhand.c:773: (rev 1.42)

  if (!plr->got_tech && plr->research.researched > 0)
    plr->research.researched -= ((plr->research.researched * game.techpenalty) 
/ 100);     /* subtract a penalty because we changed subject */

---------- server/plrhand.c:351:
void do_dipl_cost(struct player *pplayer)
  pplayer->research.researched -=(research_time(pplayer)*game.diplcost)/100;
void do_free_cost(struct player *pplayer)
  pplayer->research.researched -=(research_time(pplayer)*game.freecost)/100;
void do_conquer_cost(struct player *pplayer)
  pplayer->research.researched -=(research_time(pplayer)*game.conquercost)/100;

But i still don't see the exact connection,
and shouldn't the default diplomacy cost be 0 instead of 100%?

Or, at least, shouldn't be able to go _below_ 0?

Could someone please tell me how this is supposed to work? :>

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