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[FreeCiv-Java] Re: Fw: Status of a Java Port of FreeCiv

[FreeCiv-Java] Re: Fw: Status of a Java Port of FreeCiv

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To: "R Tate" <rt4167@xxxxxxxxxx>, <andrearo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Re: Fw: Status of a Java Port of FreeCiv
From: "Brian Duff" <Brian.Duff@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 18:02:19 +0100

I have a slightly more modern branch of the code you describe below. I
supports the 1.12 network protocol, and is substantially refactored from the
originaly code, but other than that is barely functional.

It's on my web site at:

The source is available at (for best results, do a
check out - the web interface isn't up to date with the latest code).

I don't have a lot of time to work on it at the moment, but I'm happy to
provide commit / web access if anyone is interested.



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Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Fw: Status of a Java Port of FreeCiv

Here's what I told someone else.  Perhaps if enough people express an
interest, we can get something going. -- Roy

I am replying to a message I saw on the FreeCiv Java web archives (I'm not

I looked into this about a month or two ago.  There is a version of the
client at the Giant Java Tree that is v1.8 compatible (it ran, but I didn't
have a 1.8 server to test against).  Also, there is a version at SourceForge
that covers mostly network messaging.  It claims to be able to chat with a
server, but I'm not sure what version that would be.  I submitted some
enhancements to the JFrame, adding some menus, etc. and the person listed as
project leader offered to give me CVS commit access to carry the project
forward.  Although I have a fair amount of Swing experience, I just don't
have the time to lead such a project.  If you take it on, and need some
help, I'd like to help with the coding, even if I can't lead the team.


Roy Tate

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