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[freeciv-i18n] Re: Question about qualified translatable strings

[freeciv-i18n] Re: Question about qualified translatable strings

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To: "Jose Carlos Medeiros" <jose@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Freeciv I18n" <freeciv-i18n@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-i18n] Re: Question about qualified translatable strings
From: Daniel Markstedt <himasaram@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 19:28:17 +0900

You never have to translate the part between the '?' and the ':' but it=20=

doesn't hurt if you do.


On 2006-04-06, at 08.43, Jose Carlos Medeiros wrote:

 > Hi, Im translating freeciv to my language, and I have one question, I=20=

read in this wiki
------------------------------------------------------ These could now=20=

be translated as needed. E.g., in de.po: #: menu.c:123 msgid=20
"?play:Game" msgstr "?Spiel:Spiel" #: terrain.c:321 msgid=20
"?animals:Game" msgstr "?Tiere:Wild" Which would appear to the user as:=20=

Spiel and Wild Note that you don't have to translate the descriptive=20
tags. E.g.: #: menu.c:123 msgid "?play:Game" msgstr "?play:Spiel" #:=20
terrain.c:321 msgid "?animals:Game" msgstr "?animals:Wild"=20
----------------------------------------------------- I can translate=20
this descriptive tag, ex. animals ,, or I cant ? Note above tell that I=20=

dont to tranlate, but note more above show tag translated. -- []'s Jos=E9=20=


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