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[freeciv-i18n] Manual translation and updates

[freeciv-i18n] Manual translation and updates

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To: Freeciv I18n <freeciv-i18n@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: brandon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-i18n] Manual translation and updates
From: Christian Knoke <chrisk@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 16:02:49 +0100


thanks to Viktor Horvath, we will soon have a german translation
of the game manual. This runs me into a couple of questions:

The manual is work in progess. How do people update their
translations? Currently i make a diff between the old and new
english version and try to figure out what has changed. Maybe
someone has a better method, or a tool at hand?

I see there are 3 versions of the new manual, for trident, isotrident,
and hires graphics, respectively. I see there are also 3 physical
representations of the html files. This makes updates and translations

It looks as the html files for the var. graphics differ only in 
the height and width attributes for some images. It looks as these
attributes are the actual sizes of the png files. So I wonder if the
attributes are necessary at all?

I removed them and couldn't find a difference with Opera 6 and Beonex
browsers. Are there any problems with these files to expect when the
gfx attributes are removed?

So I moved the html files into a new /manual/html/ directory and
set up links for them in the /manual/<tileset>/ dirs:

chris@max:~/freeciv/mymanual/hires> for i in ../html/*.html ; do 
ln -s $i ${i##*/} ; done

and everything seems to work fine.

I don't know, though, whether cvs can set up these symbolic links.


Christian Knoke     * * *
* * * * * * * * *  Ceterum censeo Microsoft esse dividendum.

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