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[Freeciv-Dev] Re: Nation dialog

[Freeciv-Dev] Re: Nation dialog

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To: freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: Nation dialog
From: Vasco Alexandre Da Silva Costa <vasc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:34:29 +0000 (WET)

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Ilkka Lehtoranta wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Vasco Alexandre Da Silva Costa wrote:
> >
> >
> Although I'm not using GTK client wasn't this old nation dialog done
> only few months ago? :)

Actually the old one had some changes recently to allow nation class
selection and showing the nation legend. But it was quite old. It had been
rehashed many times already hence the unclean look.
I also had the chance to use several new GTK+ 2.0 API features which were
not available when the original dialog was done (for GTK+ 1.2).

> But this new dialog really looks great.


Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa @ Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa

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