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[Freeciv-Dev] suggestion

[Freeciv-Dev] suggestion

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To: freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] suggestion
From: auto1856@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 10:04:40 -0800

I noticed that the head of a democracy is called a President or a Prime 
minister. Actually, presidents and prime ministers are the heads of republics 
not democracies. Since by democracy you obviously mean direct democracy, not 
indirect (AKA republic), I would suggest using delegate maybe. I imagine it 
would be pretty easy to do, just change some lines in the governments.ruleset 
file and some individual nation rulesets. If you?ll implement it, but are busy 
I can do it myself if you want me to.

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