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[Freeciv-Dev] building gtk client under cygwin

[Freeciv-Dev] building gtk client under cygwin

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To: James Wilson <fat_hot@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] building gtk client under cygwin
From: Andreas Kemnade <akemnade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:58:38 +0100

James Wilson writes:
 > at I see a gtk/non-X-windows binary 
 > package which includes gtk1.3 DLLs (gtk I think). I'd like to try 
 > to build this myself, with or without X (whichever's easier), so I can try 
 > out some of the latest patches. I don't really know how the binaries were 
If you want to build without X you have to upgrade the patch for 1.12.0.

 > built and so have been sort of randomly trying different combinations of 
 > 'configure' options and library versions, to no avail.
 > For instance, I can build freeciv, glib and gtk 1.2 from source, but glib's 
 > own test program segfaults on startup, never mind freeciv. the README.win32 
 > for glib and gtk 1.2 even says "don't use 1.2, it's evil on win32, use 
AFAIK that is about building the stuff using the makefile.cygwin to avoid
using X and the cygwin1.dll.
But if you use the normal unix configuration method (./configure ;
make ; make install) it should
work. And imlib should work the same way. That should give less
trouble than building the 1.3 stuff. Imlib will find its gdk/gdkx.h.

 > 1.3". The win32 gtk page at 
 > has binary packages 
 > for gtk/glib 1.3 and a couple of others, but no imlib - and imlib 1.9.10 
 > and 1.9.11 fail to build against said binary packages due to a missing 
 > gdk/gdkx.h. One option would be to build imlib against 1.2 and use it with 
 > 1.3, but I'm pretty sure God will smite me if I do that.
Oh no, I thought that wouldn't be a big problem. I haven't looked at
the win32 gtk page in the last months.

But I still have the source of the dlls I distribute with freeciv. Go to

The patch there is now in the stuff from the win32 gtk page but not in
the old archive which you can download on my page. I've always
disabled the wintab.dll stuff by hand. But how to do that is documented.

pthread is missing because it is not needed for freeciv and you don't
need gthread for freeciv. 

I hope you still have the linker line I gave you.

Andreas Kemnade

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