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[Freeciv-Dev] Re: Invasion bug

[Freeciv-Dev] Re: Invasion bug

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To: wegge@xxxxxxxx, freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: Invasion bug
From: Thue Janus Kristensen <thue@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 11:28:02 +0200

1) your patch is a bit hard to read :). Read the contributing section on
the freeciv website to see how patches are best made.
2) my full fog of war patch that was just commited to CVS is
allmost garantied to be incompatible with your patch (and may even have
fixed the bug). Download CVS and see and submit an updated patch (or send
the original patch to me in a readable form)


On Sat, 08 Apr 2000, Anders Wegge Jakobsen wrote:
> Hi!
>  I noticed that within the last few weeks of CVS, the unit invading a
> city will be transfered from it's original city to the one just
> invaded. I belive this to be a bug. I have included a very minimal
> patch below that corrects this behaviour.
> begin 664 Invasion.patch
> M26YD97@Z(&9R965C:78O<V5R=F5R+V-I='ET;V]L<RYC"CT]/3T]/3T]/3T]
> M/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T]
> M/3T]/3T]/3T]/3T*4D-3(&9I;&4Z("]H;VUE+V9R965C:78O0U93+V9R965C
> M:78O<V5R=F5R+V-I='ET;V]L<RYC+'8*<F5T<FEE=FEN9R!R979I<VEO;B`Q
> M+C<R"F1I9F8@+74@+7(Q+C<R(&-I='ET;V]L<RYC"BTM+2!C:71Y=&]O;',N
> M8PDR,#`P+S`T+S`W(#(Q.C,W.C0W"3$N-S(**RLK(&-I='ET;V]L<RYC"3(P
> M,#`O,#0O,#@@,#8Z,#0Z-3,*0$`@+38Q."PY("LV,3@L,3(@0$`*(`D)("`@
> M("`@=6YI=%]N86UE*'9U;FET+3YT>7!E*2P@=F-I='DM/FYA;64L"B`)"2`@
> M("`@('!V:6-T:6TM/FYA;64L('!P;&%Y97(M/FYA;64I.PH@("`@("`@?0HM
> M("`@("`@8W)E871E7W5N:71?9G5L;"AP<&QA>65R+"!X+"!Y+"!V=6YI="T^
> M='EP92P@=G5N:70M/G9E=&5R86XL"BT)"2`@("`@("!P8VET>2T^:60L('9U
> M;FET+3YM;W9E<U]L969T+"!V=6YI="T^:'`I.PHM("`@("`@=VEP95]U;FET
> M*#`L('9U;FET*3L**R`@("`@("\J(#`P,#8P."!W96=G92!$;VYT('1R86YS
> M9F5R('5N:71S(&%L<F5A9'D@;W=N960@8GD@;F5W(&-I='DM;W=N97(@*B\@
> M"BL@("`@("!I9B`H=G5N:70M/F]W;F5R("$]('!P;&%Y97(M/G!L87EE<E]N
> M;RD@>PHK"6-R96%T95]U;FET7V9U;&PH<'!L87EE<BP@>"P@>2P@=G5N:70M
> M/G1Y<&4L('9U;FET+3YV971E<F%N+`HK"0D)('!C:71Y+3YI9"P@=G5N:70M
> M*3L**R`@("`@('T*("`@("!]('5N:71?;&ES=%]I=&5R871E7V5N9#L*("`@
> $?0H@"@``
> `
> end
> -- 
> /Wegge

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