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[freeciv-data] (PR#11339) helpdata for chatline

[freeciv-data] (PR#11339) helpdata for chatline

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To: kaufman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-data] (PR#11339) helpdata for chatline
From: "Jason Short" <jdorje@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 15:12:38 -0800
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

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Here's a new patch.

- Fixed problem with an extra newline that would pop up in the window. 
Apparently this was caused by extra spaces after the \ in the helpdata.

- Rewrote 'foo' as 'John'.  'foo' is a programmers term which will just
confuse users.  'John' was chosen because it's also short for
'Johnathan'.  Translators will probably want to pick a local name to use
as an example.

- Added a little more explanation for ::, which I apperently didn't
understand right.


? diff
Index: data/helpdata.txt
RCS file: /home/freeciv/CVS/freeciv/data/helpdata.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.129
diff -u -r1.129 helpdata.txt
--- data/helpdata.txt   22 Nov 2004 04:00:20 -0000      1.129
+++ data/helpdata.txt   6 Dec 2004 23:10:35 -0000
@@ -518,12 +518,19 @@
 The client has a primitive chat interface.  The lines you type \
 are sent to all players, except:\
 "), _("\
-  - Messages starting with 'foo:' are private messages to the \
-player named 'foo'; player names can be abbreviated.\
-"), _("\
   - Messages starting with '/' are interpreted as server commands \
-(if the server is recent enough; regular 1.8.0 servers are not) \
-and executed, if you have the required access rights.\
+and executed, if you have the required access level.\
+"), _("\
+  - Messages starting with 'John:' are private messages to 'John'. \
+Names can be abbreviated. The server looks for players named 'John' \
+and if that fails tries to match a username beginning with 'John' (like \
+"), _("\
+  - Messages starting with 'John::' are private messages as above, but \
+will match only users (not players) named 'John'.  'Johnathan' will \
+still match.\
+"), _("\
+  - Messages starting with '.' will be sent only to all your allies.\

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