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[freeciv-data] Re: Lord of the Rings

[freeciv-data] Re: Lord of the Rings

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To: <freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-data] Re: Lord of the Rings
From: "Per I. Mathisen" <Per.Inge.Mathisen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 08:51:04 +0200 (MEST)
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

On Wed, 1 May 2002, Bobby D. Bryant wrote:
> Are any of the code maintainers interested in providing support for
> some of the features needed for first-rate modpacks

Yes. I need this for my own pet modpack project, so you can be sure of

> as we discussed on this list a year or so ago?

There was lots of discussions about modpacking a year ago. Please tell me
what you have in mind here.


Ask not what you can do for your country
Ask what your country did to you
 -- KMFDM, Dogma

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